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Sottile Security strives to offer our clients the best innovations to make their jobs easier and safer. Partnering with Silvertrac and executing their real time reporting software allows us to do just that.

Implementing Silvertrac’s 3 in 1 Real Time Reporting modules lets us instantly provide our clients with parking, maintenance, security, safety and liability solutions.  With Silvertrac we can offer complete 24/7 transparency, GPS date and time stamping on all incidents, and instant access to all reporting as incidents occur.

Silvertrac has been a game changer for Sottile Security.  We now offer services and reporting capabilities that even the largest security companies don’t offer.  We look forward to serving you with Silvertrac by our side.


  • Fully Customizable Chain of Escalation

  • Vendor Management

  • Parking Books Updated in Real Time 24/7

  • Daily Activity Reports in Proactive Liability and Risk Terms

  • Fire Watch Integration

  • Integrated GPS Date and Time Stamps on Reports and Maps

  • Checkpoints Pertaining to Task Assignment, Safety Bulletins, and Task Completion

  • Recruitment & Site Selection Process
    Our HR department is well versed on creating the best fit possible for the client locations and the security staff. However, before that can occur, a series of pre-employment screening procedures are performed. We have our exclusive “guard screen” pre-employment investigational format. How good is it? Good enough that “other” guard companies enlist us to do their screening.
  • Training
    Property protection is much different than retail or sports stadiums. We are fortunate to have our own New York State approved training school and classroom facility on premises in our Manhattan office. Having in place a solid foundation for training and education is a key advantage. Our on-site on-going training mirrors our classroom facility but adds the ingredient of portability.
  • Post Orders
    Developing a practical plan for protection is an important component in residential protection. While many security companies use one generic program for all their sites, we find the opposite to be true. Our thought is each site requires a “study and create” aspect. Developing a specific plan for an individual site is a necessary step in a successful direction. We walk the site, photograph all aspects, gather information, and create a manual based on the conditions that are prevalent.
  • Site Manual (site exclusive)
    Once the post orders have been created, a manual designed for post order implementation is developed. The manual clearly describes the responsibilities of each staffmember. The manual focuses on all levels of internal security such as: perimeter patrol, stairwells, verticals, lobby procedures, laundry rooms, playgrounds, pools, parking lots, CCTV, electronic guard tour systems, radio procedures, and report writing, We understand that there may be a list on long standing internal rules and prohibitions such as: quality of life infractions, loitering, trespass, unlawful assembly, noise complaints, smoking, moving in/out, littering, solicitation, bike riding, skate boarding dog walking and package deliveries requirements.
  • Crime Prevention Seminars
    Sottile will offer free resident safety seminars consisting of education and crime prevention. This is a very popular addition and is well received by residents. Brochures will be developed and distributed offering a series of resident safety awareness. Subjects such as “Safety Tips for the Older Person” and “Identity Theft” will be discussed. Staying alert and avoiding becoming a victim is the message.
  • Police Precinct Community Council Meetings
    Each police precinct in New York has a community council meeting scheduled for each month. Our company has a philosophy of getting involved and establishing positive relationships. This is a great way to do so. We will have consistent active representation at the meetings. Traditionally, the meetings are hosted by the precinct commander along with crime prevention officers, community affairs officers and special operations officers. The meetings focus on pertinent law enforcement information affecting the neighborhood. This would include local crime patterns, disruptive groups, arrest statistics of major index crimes, and preventive strategies.
  • Special Operations Detail (operations)
    The Police department could not operate without a special operations detail which monitors operational developments within its command. We feel neither can a security company exists without special ops officer. Sottile management has a program that monitors the active conditions throughout the complex. For example, a complex may have routine problems with offenders loitering. Once we identify the problem and location, we channel our focus to address the condition until the problem is curtailed and eliminated. When I say curtailed, I’m actually referring to the reality of quality of life issues such as loitering. When one area is under security concentration (let’s say the playground) another area can become problematic. In all cases, we will be vigilant identify the offenders; (residents or visitors) inform them of the policies, and write up a report for management.
  • On-Site Supervision
    In all of our multi-guard sites we integrate on-site supervision which is at no extra cost to the site. The on-site supervisor enables continuity of service while insuring administrative chores along with policies and procedures are enforced without a loss of translation or leadership confusion.
  • Experience
    Providing security guard services to many of the most recognizable property management companies in the New York area market is truly gratifying. We understand the challenges afforded to us, and do our best each day to earn the privilege of serving our customers. We have residential sites that number 3 guards to 33 guards. At each site, we place all of our focus to do the very best job possible in a professional manner.
  • Infrastructure
    We have built an organization which is large enough to provide all of the service features offered by even the largest of our competitors including electronic reporting systems, automating scheduling, payroll and billing routines, radio communication between our operations base and field supervisory personnel, etc. Our offices are never closed and we always have management personnel in the field available to assist wherever they are needed. We are small enough, however, to be familiar with the needs of our customers and to care about them.


Silvertrac is a Guard Management & Reporting Solution that allows users to complete shift reports, report incidents, respond to tasks, and scan checkpoints to a live issue monitor. While in the field users can take pictures, record audio files, and add notes to generate amazing reports in a quick and easy process. All of this information is available in powerful reports that track data, analyze trends, and give you and your clients the important information you need to improve your operations.


Report incidents as they happen. Add the information that matters with photos, audio, and text - all with time-stamps.



All officer interactions on the app will automatically generate reports in the DAR.

Issue warnings, violations, and easily look up repeat offenders.

Silvertrac - A top-rated guard management solution designed to set us apart from our competition.

We offer Silvertrac to residential and commerical sites as a guard management addition.

Simple incident reporting helps better gauge guard performance & improve client relations. When done effectively, incident reporting allows guards to add the most important information anytime from any site as conveniently as possible. Traditional pen & paper reporting makes producing a Daily Activity Report a hassle.

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